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BARTHOLOMEW BARNARD, son of John Barnard. He md. 1st 1607 at High Ongar, Essex, England to Dorothy Dox. He md. 2nd 6 Oct 1610 at Bocking, England to MARGARET SEARLE, of Stisted, Essex. He went to New England about 1639, and died 1676 at Boston, Ma.
Children of Bartholomew and Margaret (Searle) Barnard


RICHARD BARTLETT, of Bartletts Cove, Newbury, MA., was b. 1580/90, England, d. 25 May 1647, was an immigrant with his brothers John and Thomas and his sons Richard and Christopher and a dau Joanna came from England to Newbury, Mass. 1635 where he was one of the earliest settlers. Of Bartlett's Cove, in Newbury, Ma. where he settled with his brother John. He was a shoemaker. He was born 1580/90, and died 25 May 1647, his will probated 29 Sept 1647, of Newberry, Mass.
Children are named in Richard Bartletts bible.
* Joane b. 29 Jan 1610
* JOHN b. 9 Nov 1613
* Thomas b. 22 Jan 1615
* Richard b. 31 Oct 1621 d. Newbury, Ct. 1698, md Abigail
* Christopher b. 25 Feb 1623 d. 15 March 1669


JOHN BEACH, the immigrant, was born 1623 in England, died 1677. He first settled at New Haven, Ct. about 1640-43, about four years after the town was started.New Haven town records show on January 4, 1643, he was fined for defects in his gun and "twice late coming" to milita training. He married in 1650 MARY ELLIOTT, dau of Robert Elliott, and settled in Wallingford. By 1660 he removed to Stratford where he purchased land on 21 May 1660 of Ensign Bryan, of Milford, one house and lot, 2 acres. His house lot was on Main and Back streets, originally Front street. In Jan 1667 he was chosen town crier for the town. Town crier 1671. Soldier in King Philip's War. John was a brother of Richard Beach of Stratford and of Thomas Beach of Milford and probably Benjamin. At the time of his death, his property in Stratford amounted to three hundred and twelve pounds thirteen shillings. Later he was a large land owner in Wallingford, Ct. where he was one of the organizers of the first church. He owned property at Wallingford to the amount of ninety-two pounds nineteen shillings, though it is not known that he ever lived in that town. Three sons however settled in Wallingford. The birth's of the children are entered in Fairfield Probate records, v. 3, p. 22.
* ELIZABETH b. 8 Mar 1652 Wallingford, md ELIASAPH PRESTON
* John b. Apr 1654 Wallingford, d. 1711, of Stratford, he md 18 December 1679 Stratford, Ct. Hannah Staples, dau of Thomas and Mary ( ) Staples. He md 2nd Phebe ( ) Birdseye, wid. of John Birdseye.
* Mary b. Sep 1656 Wallingford, md 31 July 1716 Wallingford to Thomas Yale of Wallingford.
* Thomas b. May 1659 Wallingford, d. 13 May 1741 aged 82 Wallingford, md 1st, 12 May 1680 Wallingford to Ruth Peck, d. of Paul and Martha Peck. He md 2nd Phebe Wilcoxen, d. of Timothy and Joanna (Birdseye) Wilcoxen. Ch: Hannah, Ruth, Thomas, Benoni, Timothy, Nathan, Moses, Gershom, Caleb, Thankful, Joanna, Phebe.
* Nathaniel b. Mar 1662 Stratford, d. 24 July 1747 aged 84 Stratford, md 29 Apr 1686 Stratford to Sarah, dau of Nathaniel & Sarah (Groves) Porter. Ch: Ephraim, Elizabeth, David, Josiah, Nathaniel, Sarah, Daniel, Anna, Israel, James.
* Hannah b. Dec 1665, md 1st, 3 Nov 1681 Stratford to Zachariah Fairchild. She md 2nd, 5 May 1708 Stratford to John Burritt.
* Sarah b. Nov 1667
* Isaac b. 27 June 1669, d. 30 Apr 1741 aged 71 Stratford, md 3 May 1693 Stratford to Hannah Birdseye, d. of John Birdseye. Ch: William, Elnathan, John, Mary, Hannah, Dinah.
* Joseph b. 1 Feb 1671, d. 17 Dec 1737 aged 66 Stratford, Lieut., md Abiah Booth. Ch: Sarah, Agur, Abraham, Hannah, Joseph, Abiah.
* Benjamin b. 3 Mar 1673/4, of Wallingford, said to have removed to New Jersey, md Mary Hitchcock, d. of John and Abigail (Merriman) Hitchcock. Ch: Peter, Eunice, Benjamin, Mary, Noah, Abner, Lydia.


JAMES BEARD was born c1599 in England, and died 1639 at sea. He md MARTHA. She was admitted to the church at Mildford, Ct. 1 Nov 1640. She was born c1603, and died 11 June 1649?
* James
* Capt. John
* Jeremiah
* Martha.



WILLIAM BEARDSLEY born 1605 in England, was an immigrant from England in the ship "Planter" in 1635, aged 30. In 1638 he lived at Hartford, Ct. In 1639 he was at Stratford, Ct. He was born 1605 Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, England, and died 1661 aged 56 in Ct. His will was dated 28 Sept 1660, and proved 6 July 1661. He md 26 Jan 1631 MARY HARVEY who was age 26 in 1635. She was born in 1609. William was a mason by trade. He was deputy to the General Court seven years.
Children named in his will
* Mary b. 1631, d. 1690, md May 1651 Thomas Wells, had 14 ch. Md 2nd Samuel Belden.
* Captain John,, b. 1632/3 Eng., d. 19 Nov 1718.
* Joseph b. 1634, lived Brookhaven, Long Island, NY 31 July 1684 but returned later to Hartford where he died in 1 712 aged 77. Md 1665 Abigail Dayton of Long Island, NY
* Ruth
* Samuel b. 1638 Stratford, Ct, had land in Bridgeport
* Hannah, b. 1642 Stratford, d. 1679, md 1662 Nathaniel Dickinson, brother of Obadiah
* Sarah b. 1640 Stratford, Ct, md 8 June 1668 Obadiah Dickinson of Hartford. Their house was burned by Indians and Obadiah, Sarah and one child were taken to Canada as captives.
* Daniel, b. 1644 Stratford, d. 7 Oct 1730, md Ruth, dau of Obadiah Wheeler
* Thomas.


ISAAC BEECHER was an immigrant in 1637. Of New Haven, Ct. Born 1623 County Kent, England, and died 1690, will dated 28 Sep 1689, proven 12 Nov 1690 New Haven, Ct. He bequethed to sons John, Joseph, Isaac, Samuel, and Eleazer and to his wife Mary. He md 1643 MARY SPERRY. He was a freeman of New Haven on 1 July 1644. He owned seven tracts of land, being about sixty one acres. Isaac and his sons John and Eleazer were on a list of proprietors on New Haven, Ct in the year 1685.
* Joseph b. 1647
* Isaac, b. 1650, d. 1712, md 1st Johana, 2nd Hannah
* Samuel, b. 17 Oct 1652
* Eleazer, b. 8 April 1655 New Haven, Ct

JOHN BEECHER, an immigrant Of New Haven, Ct. 1636/7. He was listed along with his son Isaac a proprietors of New Haven in 1685. He was born 1590/1600, of County Kent, England. He died in midlife in England. His wife Hannah came to America with her sons, arriving at Boston 26 April 1637. He md. HANNAH ( ) POTTER, widow, who died 1658 New Haven, Ct. Her will dated 13 June 1657, proved at New Haven 2 March 1659 bequething to her son Isaac Beecher, and her son by her first husband William Potter. Hannah was a physician and a midwife and for her services she received a grant of land.
* ISAAC b. 1623 in England and d. 1690, md MARY SPERRY
* John died in the winter of 1637


JOHN BENHAM from Devonshire, England, and of Dorchester, Ma. died c1691. He md 1st Sarah (Hurst) Wilson, who died the 30th of May 1667. He md 2nd on 3 March 1668/9 MERCEY SMITH, and md 3rd.
Children of John and Sarah (Hurst) Benham
* John
* Sarah
* Mary
* Hannah
* John.
Children of John and Mercey (Smith) Benham
* Joseph
* Samuel
* Mercy
* Ebenezer
* Nathaniel
* Elizabeth.

JOHN BENHAM. Immigrant on the "Mary & John" 1630 from England. Lived first at Dorchester, Ma., then removed to New Haven, Ct. He was born c1606, and died 1661. He md 1st, name not known, mother of Joseph and John, and md 2nd Margery Alcott/Alcock, widow of Thomas. she md. 3rd Richard Pritchard. Children of Nathan Benham by 1st wife
* JOHN md 1 Sarah (Hurst) Wilson, md MERCEY SMITH
* Joseph.


RICHARD BOOTH, said to be the son of Edward and Marsia ( ) Booth, Immigrant in 1639 from England to America. Born 1606/07, bp Aug 1608 at the Great Budworth Parish Church of Great Budworth, County Cheshire, England. He removed to Stratford, Ct about 1640 and died there. In an affidavit on 15 March 1687/8 he describes himself s about 81 years of age. He md. 1640 Stratford, Ct. ELIZABETH HAWLEY, sister of Joseph Hawley. Ref: Jacobus - The Booth chart compiled by George Munson Booth of Chicago, IL, states that Richard was baptised at Great Budworth, Co. Cheshire, England August 1608, a son of Edward (d. 1628), who was a son of William of Twemlow, Co. Cheshire (by his wife Ellen, dau of John Davenport of Davenport), who was a son of Edward of Twemlow, who was a son of Sir William Booth of Dunham Massie, Co. Cheshire (d. 1519). The earlier generations of this pedigree are authentic, but I know not the authority for the connection of this line with Richar of Stratford. He was one of the founers of Stratford, and in March 1687/8 gave his age in an affidavit as about 81. From the terms of the will of his son Ephraim, it is likely that his wife Elizabeth was a sister of Mr. Joseph Hawley. No probate found.
* ELIZABETH md 1658, JOHN MINER b. 1632 Boston, son of Thomas and Grace (Palmer) Miner. Their dau Grace md Samuel Grant and was the ancestors of Ulysses Simpson Grant, General in the Civil War, and later President of the U.S.
* Ann or Anna b. 14 Feb 1643 [1643/4]
* Ephraim b. 1 Aug 1648, d. 1683, md Mary Osborn
* Ebenezer b. 18 or 19 Nov 1651, d. 1732, md 1 Hannah, md 2 Elizabeth Jones, dau of Richard
* John b. 5 Nov 1653 Sgt Stratford Train Band, Deputy for Stratford Oct 1696, md 1, 14 June 1678 Dorothy Hawley, md 2, 31 Jan 1714/5 widow Hannah Clark. John had son who had son Thomas who had son Edmund.
* Joseph b. 8 March 1656
* Bethia b. 18 Aug 1658, md 9 Nov 1676 Joseph Curtis
* Joanna or Johanna b. 21 March 1661

Note: in the History of Stratford & Bridgeport, under Booth p.1156, it states that Elizabeth Hawley was a sister to Joseph Hawley.


REV. JOHN BOWERS was born c1629 Dorset, Eng., and died 14 June 1687 [will] Derby, N.H., Ct. John's 1st wife was Rebecca Grigson. He md. 2nd, 14 July 1652 Woodbury, Ct. BRIDGET THOMPSON, dau of Anthony & Mary (Welby) Thompson, and born 1636, and died 19 May 1720 Derby, N.H., Ct. [she md. 2nd Wm. Hoadley].
Children of Rev John and Rebecca (Grigson) Bowers
* Ruth
* Mary
* John
* Nathaniel
* Ann/Anna
* Barbara,
* James

GEORGE BOWERS, of Scituate Mass in 1637, of Plymouth Mass in 1639, of Cambridge Mass in 1640. He was born 1590 Manby Lincolnshire, England, and died 30 Dec 1656 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Mass. He was md. 9 Feb 1614/15 Braithwell, Yorkshire, Eng. to BARBARA SMYTHE, b. 1596 Braithwell, South Yorkshire, England, d. 25 March 1644 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts the mother of John. Barbara died 25 March 1644 at Cambridge, Mass. He md 2nd in 1649 to Elizabeth Worthington.
Children of George and Barbara (Smythe) Bowers
Children of George and Elizabeth (Worthington) Bowers
* Jerathmael
* Benanuel
* Patience
* Silence


WILLIAM BRADLEY , Immigrant on the "Hector" in 1637 landing at Saybrook. From Bingley, County Yorkshire, England. He was a soldier in Cromwell's army. He settled at New Haven, Ct. by 1685 and took the oath of fidelity. He was born April 1623 England, and died 29 May 1690/91 New Haven, Ct. where his wil is recorded. He was md. 18 Dec 1644 [Cutter gives 18 Feb 1645] Springfield, Mass. to ALICE PRICHARD, died 1692, daughter of Roger Prichard of Springfieldm MA an Milford, Ct.
* Joseph, bp 4 Jan 1646 New Haven, Ct., d. Jan 1705, md 25 Oct 1667 Silence Brockett.
* Isaac b. 1647, of Branford, Ct in 1667
* MARTHA, b. Oct 1648, d. 9 Jan 1707, md SAMUEL MUNSON
* Abraham, b. 24 Oct 1650, d. 19 Oct 1718
* Mary, b. 30 April 1653, d. Oct 1724
* Benjamin b. 8 Feb 1657, [Cutter gives 8 Apr 1657], d. 1728
* Hester, [Cutter gives Esther] b. 29 Sep 1659
* Nathaniel, b. 26 Feb 1661, d. 17 Aug 1743
* Sarah b. 21 June 1665

WILLIAM BRADLEY, Immigrant on the "Hector" in 1637. He was born c1598 in Bingley, England, and died probably in Guilford, Ct. He md. 1st in England, JOHANNA WADDINGTON, the mother of William. She died in England. He was md. 2nd in England to Elizabeth who died in 1683. She md. 2nd 8 Nov 1653 John Parmelee of Guilford, Ct.
Children of William and Joanna (Waddington) Bradley
Children of William and Elizabeth ( ) Bradley
* Daniel drowned Dec 1658
* Joshua had son b. 1665
* Ellen
* Nathan age 21 in 1658
* Stephen age 16 when residents of Guilford, CT


sometimes spelled BRIFTOW in old script
From Saxon births - pleasant, bright, and stow - the same as stead, a place.

HENRY BRISTOL, cooper, meat packer, freeman, born 1625 England, died 1695 New Haven, Ct. He came to New Haven as an apprentice to William Davis. He married 1st, Rebecca ( ), and he married 2nd, 26 January 1656 at New Haven, Ct. to LYDIA BROWN, daughter of Francis and Mary (Edwards) Brown, born probably 1637/8 and died 1719, her will dated 15 December 1714. Henry was of New Haven, Ct on 7 March 1647 Henry had a brother Richard Bristol/Bristow who settled at Guilford, Ct. Heirs named in his will are: Jobamah Gunn and wife Mary of Milford; Samuel and Bezaleel, heirs of Samuel Bristol of Guilford, deceased; Elizabeth Bristol of Milford; Abigail Bristol of New Haven; Zaccheus Candee; Stephen Hine of Milford (New Haven court records, v.ii, ps 402-305.
Children of Henry Bristol and his 1st wife Rebecca
* Rebecca b. 4 Feb 1649/50, m. Dec 1670 Zaccheus Candee. Children: Rebecca, Hannah, Zaccheus, Samuel, Mary, Desire, Abigail.
* Samuel b. 3 Dec 1651, resided in Guilford, Ct., m. Phebe. Children Samuel, Bezaleel, Phebe, Abiah.
* Mercy b. 7 Nov 1657/8, prob. d. y.
Children of Henry and Lydia (Brown) Bristol
* LYDIA b. 3 Jan 1657/8, m. JOSEPH SMITH
* John b. 4 Sept 1659, m. Mercy Mansfield, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Potter) Mansfield. Children John, Mehitabel, Joseph, John.
* Mary b. 1 Sept 1661, m. Jobamah Gunn of Milford, Ct. as his 2nd wife.
* Mary Gunn, wid. of Milford in 1719 deeded land to her brother John Bristol.
* Hannah b. 10 Dec 1663
* Abigail b. 19 Apr 1666, m. 27 Nov 1712 Daniel Terrel of Milford, Ct.
* Sarah b. 1 Feb 1667/8, m. Stephen Hine of Milford, Ct. Children Ambrose, Elizabeth, Stephen, Alexander.
* Daniel b. 4 May 1671, m. 1st Hester Sperry. Children Esther, Elizabeth, Anne, Daniel, Obedience, Samuel, Richard, Ambrose. He m. 2nd Judith (Bunnell) Hodge, d. of Benjamin and Rebecca (Mallory) Bunnell, and wid. of Thomas Hodge.
* Elizabeth b. 20 May 1674, prob. d. y.
* Esther b. 3 Oct 1676, prob. d. y.
* Eliphalet b. 2 Oct 1679, m. Esther Peck, dau. of Benjamin and Mary (Sperry) Peck. Children Lydia, Sarah, Samuel, Dinah, Stephen, Abigail, Eliphalet, Aaron, Moses, Esther, Benjamin.
* Henry Jr. b. 20 June 1683, d. 1750, m. 23 Jan 1707 Desire Smith, d. of John and Grace (Winston) Smith. Settled in Cheshire. Children Desire, Henry, Austin, Amos, Mary, Thomas, Deborah, Gideon, Patience, * Jonathan, Lydia.


FRANCIS BROWN of Ratcliffe, York Co., England. Sailed from England in the "Hector" with Theophilus Eaton and John Davenport in 1637. He settled in New Haven, CT. He was born abt 1610 Eng., and died 1668 East Haven. His will proved 13 Apr 1668 names wife Mary, daughter Lydia, and four sons. He md. abt 1616 in England, MARY EDWARDS who died (7 Dec 1669 ?) or (1694) New Haven, Ct. Mary married 2nd William Payne.
* John
* Eleazer
* Samuel
* Ebenezer


JOHN BUDD, of Whippany, son of Thomas & Sarah [Johnson] Budd, born 16 Dec 1610 Banstead, Martock Parish, Surrey, England, and died in 1670 at Rye, Westchester Co., New York. John married KATHRYN BROWN born 1610 Stepney, Chichester, Sussex, England.



WILLIAM BUNNELL Immigrant 1638 from Cheshire, Eng. to America. An early settler of Wallingford, Ct. Took the oath of allegiance at New Haven in 1657. born 1617 Cheshire, England died 1671 New Haven, Ct. md. 1640 ANN WILMOT, daughter of Benjamin Wilmot. Children
* Benjamin b. bef 1650, admitted freeman 1670, of New Haven 1668, later Wallingford. md. Mary Brooks
* Mary b. 4 May 1650
* Ebenezer b. 28 Aug 1653
* LYDIA b. 21 Aug 1662 md FRANCIS FRENCH
* child

BENJAMIN BUNNELL of Norwich, England. In 1607 he brought a letter from the Walloon Church at Norwich to the London Dutch Church. Born before 1595 in Flanders (France). He married MARY BROOKS. He took the oath of fidellitie2nd July 1657 at New Haven, Ct.


DEACON RICHARD BUTLER immigrant from Braintree, Essex Co, England. He was born 1608, died 6 Aug 1684 Hartford, Ct. Will dated 2 April, 1677. Invt. £564-15-00 taken 2 September, 1684, by Paul Peck sen., George Grave. The name of his 1st wife is unknown. He married 2nd 1630 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Mass. ELIZABETH BIGELOW OR BAGULEY. Elizabeth was born 1614 Wrentham, Suffolk Co., England and died 11 Sept 1691 Hartford, Ct. She was the daughter of Randall and Jane Bigelow/Baguley. Richard was a proprietor of Hartford, Ct. in 1635. He bacame a freeman at Cambridge, MA on 14 May 1634, and a member of Rev Thomas Hooker's church at Hartford in 1642. He was one of the first settlers at Hartford nd received sixteen acres of land there in the first division. He was a deacon in the church, a juror, a grand juror, deputy to the general court, appointed clerk of the general court.
Children of Richard and Elizabeth [Bigelow] Butler
* MARY b. 1635 md. JOHN WASHBURN b. 1625
* Thomas b. 1637, d. 29 Aug 1688 Hartford, md Sarah Stone
* Deacon Samuel b. 1639/40, d. 31 Dec 1692 Wetherfield, md Elizabeth Olmstead
* Phoebe b. 1642 Stratford, d. 1 May 1704 Stratford
* Nathaniel b. 1641/2 Hartford, d. 9 Feb 1698 Wetherfield, md Sarah Green
* Elizabeth b. 1643 Hartford, d. 28 Apr 1729 Hartford
* Mary b. c1645
* Joseph b. 1646/7/8 Hartford, d. 15 Dec 1732 Wetherfield md 1st c1667 Mary, dau of * * Wm Goodrich, md 2nd Mary (Bushnell) Miller
* Daniel b. 1650 Hartford, d. 28 March 1692 Wetherfield, md Mabel Olmstead
* Hannah b. 1652 Hartford, d. 1692/3 md Samuel Greene
* Abigail b. 1654 Hartford


NICHOLAS CAMP JR. was born 1627 England, and died d. 10 June 1706, aged 77 Milford, Ct., his will dated 3 Dec 1705. He md. 1st SARAH (BEARD) BRISCOE, who was the mother of Mary. He md. 2nd Mrs. Mehitable (Gunn) Fenn
Children of Nicholas Jr and Sarah (Beard) Camp * Joseph
* Samuel
* Joseph
* Sarah twin
* John twin
* Nathan
* Abigail.

NICHOLAS CAMP SR. was bapt. April 1597 Nazing, Essex, England, and died 1706 New Milford, Ct. He came to America in 1638, was at Watertown, MA, then Wethersfield, Ct, then in 1639 to Guilford, Ct. By 1646 he had a house ad six acres in Milford, Ct. His name is on a list of free planters of Milford dated 20 Nov 1639. He joined the Milford Church 2 Nov 1643. He md. 1st SARAH who d. 6 Sept 1645 Milford, Ct. in childbed after delivering twins. He md. 2nd, 1646 Edith or Eady Tilley, and md. 3rd 14 July 1652 Katherine Thompson, widow of Anthony Thompson.
Children of Nicholas Sr and Sarah ( ) Camp
* Edward b. 1633
* twins b. 6 Sep 1645 d. y.
Children of Nicholas Sr and Kathryn ( ) Thompson Camp
* Samuel b. 15 Sep 1655 Milfort Ct., md 13 Nov 1672 Hannah, dau of Thomas Betts.
* Joseph b. 15 Dec 1657
* Mary b. 12 Juy 1660
* Sarah twin b. 14 Sep 1662, d. 18 Dec 1710, md Sgt Daniel Baldwin
* John twi b. 14 Sep 1662
* Abigail b. 28 March 1667


THOMAS CHATTERTON, Immigrant on the "Adams Ann" in 1631 from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. He settled in Piscataqua, Strawberry Bank, N.H. His wife's name is unknown.


JAMES CLARK was an immigrant on the ship "Hector" in 1637 and was one of the early settlers of New Haven. He was one of the company with Gov. Eaton and others who met on 4 June 1639 in Mr Newman's barn to frame the civil compact. He removed before 1669 to Stratford. He died 1688/9. He was md 1st c1644 Elinor or Elizabeth Wright, dau of Richard, and md 2nd 7 Oct 1657 to ABIGAIL LATHROP, bp 2 Nov 1639 Barnstable, daughter of Rev. John Lothrop. He md 3rd on 17 Oct 1661 Ann Wakefield, widow of John Wakefield.
Children of James and Elinor/Elizabeth (Wright) Clark
* Samuel b. abt 1650, m 7 Nov 1672 Hannah Lans
* Ebenezer b, 29 Nov 1651
* Susan b. 1652
Children of James and Abigail (Lathrop) Clark
* John
* James md Deborah Peacock
* Sarah

THOMAS CLARK, b. C1599, d. at Plymouth 24 March 1696/7 aged in his 98th year. He married SUSANNA RING, dau of William and Mary (Durrant) Ring. Thomas was a 'mate' on the Mayflower but returned to England and sailed again in the Ann in 1623. He lived at Plymough Colony where he was admitted freeman in 1633. He signed his name to a coroner's jury statements. He volunteered for service in the Pequot War on 7 June 1637. By 1660 he moved to Boston, and 1673 to Barnstable. Thomas acted as a lawyer in many legal isues. He employed several apprentices and servants.
* William b. c1634, d. 10 Aug 1671 aged 37, md 1st Sarah Wolcott, 2nd Hannah Griswold
* Susanna b. c1638, md Barnabus Lathrop
* John b. c1640, d. 31 Oct 1671 aged c30, md Sarah
* Nathaniel b. c1642, md Dorothy (Lettice) Gray, dau of Thomas Lettice and widow of * Edward Gray. She sued for divorce.
* Andrew b. c1644, d. 31 Oct 1671.

JOHN CLARK, the pilot of the Mayflower, had son
* THOMAS who was a mate with his father on the Mayflower, but Thomas returned to England and came back again in the Ann in 1623.


GEORGE CLARK JR., "farmer", from Hatfield (Bishops) Hertfordshire, England. Of Great Munden, Hertfordshire. Immigrant 1637 in the company of Rev John Davenport and his congregation from counties Kent and Surrey near London. With him came three relatives, James, John, and George Clarke. He was of Milford, New Haven Co, Ct. by 1639. Member of the First Church of Milford where he was a Deacon. Born abt 1610/20 England, died 1690 Milford, New Haven, Ct. Will dated 25 Apr 1690. Adm. to the church at Milford 21 Feb 1641. He was a carpenter, builder, and farmer. He was a deputy to the general court from Milford. He married SARAH NORTHRUP who died 19 July 1689 Milford, Ct. George Clark Jr's will: Superior Court Records, v. 4, 1724-1728. I the custody of the Sec. Of State. The will of George Clark of Milford, dated 15 April 1678 and 18 Aug 1688. I George Clark, one of ye Deacon of ye Church of Christ, at Milford, in the County of New Haven, and Colony of Connecticut, planter, do make this to be my last will and testament: He names his wife, Sarah Clark, son George,, son Samuel, sons Thomas and Samuel, daughter Sarah Laws, grand child George Clark, son of my son Thomas, his other grand children Samuel, Thomas, John, Joseph, and Sarah Clark, ye childre of my son Thomas, to Mary ye aughter of my son Samuel, and to Jonathan Laws, son of my daughter Sarah. This will was recorded 27 December 1737.
* Thomas, b. 1637 Boster and d. 1719 at Milford.
* Hannah
* Sarah
* Rebecca
* Samuel
* Esther
* George
* Mary
* John
* Abigail
* Elizabeth.


THOMAS CORNELL born about 1595 Essex Co., England, died 1655, son of Richard and Mary Cornell. He was an immigrant from England about 1638 and was first found in Boston where he was permitted to buy William Baulstone's house, yard, and garden and become an inhabitant. He sold it in 1643 to Edward Tyng. Thomas married REBECCA BRIGGS, born about 1600, died 8 Feb 1673, aged 73. Rebecca was the daughter of Henry and Mary [Hinkes] Briggs. On 1C9 Dec 1657 the widow, Rebecca Cornell, was granted 10 acres of land in lieu of 10 acres granted her husband. In 1659 she deeded these 10 acres to her son and daughter Kent. On 30 April 1661 Rebecca sold two parcels of land containing 8 acres with house, fruit trees, etc cofirmed by her son Thomas in 1663. On 25 Oct 1663 Rebecca conveys to her son Joshua 1/6 th of a share of landat Coshena and Acookset (part of Dartmouth) in Plymouth Jurisdiction. This he conveyed 21 Nov 1664 to his brother Samuel. Also 20 acres of land he bought of William Earle. On 27 July she deeded to her eldest son Thomas, all her housing, orchard, land and fencing in Portsmouth. At her death she held Thomas bound for 100 pounds. In 1669 she conveys to her son Samuel 1/6 th land in Dartmouth. On 8 Feb 1773 Friends Records state “Rebecca Cornell, widow, was killed strangely at Portsmouth in her own dwelling house, was twice viewed by the Coroner's Inquest, digged up and buried again by her husband's grave in their own land. On 23 May her son Thomas was charged with her murder, and after a trial that now reads like a farce was convicted and executed. Among the witnesses of this trial were John Briggs, Rebecca's brother, Mary, wife of her son John Cornell, Thomas, Stephen, Edward and John, sons of Thoms, Rebecca Woolsey, Her dau. Etc. It appears that the old lady having bee sitting by the fire smoking pipe, a col had fallen from the fire on her pipe, and that she was burned to death. But on the strength of a vision which her brother John Briggs had, in which she appeared to him after her death and said: “See how I was burned with fire.” It was inferred she was set fire to, and that her son who was last with her did it, and principally on this evidence Thomas Cornell was tried, convicted and hung for her murder.
Children of Thomas and Rebecca [Briggs] Cornell * Thomas d. 23 May 1673, md. 1st ?, md 2nd Sarah Earle * Sarah md. 1st Thomas Willet, md 2nd Charles Bridges, md. 3rd 20 Nov 1682
* John
* Lawrence Jr.
* Rebecca buried 5 Feb 1713, age 91 or 93, md. 9 Dec 1647 George Woolsey
* Ann md. Thomas Kent
* John, d. 1704, lived Cow Neck, L.I., N.Y., md. Mary Russell
* Joshua, lived Plymouth, Mass. His mother conveyed to him 21 Oct 1664 land in * * *
* Plymouth, Ma., which he conveyed, 21 Nov 1664 to Samuel Cornell
* Elizabeth md. 1661 Christopher Almy of Newport, R. I.
* Samuel died, will proved 1715. (will proved)


Curtiss, Curtesse, Curteis, Curtoys

LT. JOHN CURTIS was born 1611, and bapt. 26 Feb 1614 Nazing, Essex Co., England. . He died Dec 1707 aged 96 Stratford, Ct. He md. 1641 ELIZABETH (WELLES?), a grandson of Gov. Thomas Welles calls John Curtis his uncle). Elizabeth died in March 1680/1.
* John, b. Oct 1642, d. before 1686
* Elizabeth, b. May 1647
* Thomas, b. 1648/9 went to Wallingford
* Joseph, b. Nov 1650 md Bethiah Bosth
* Benjamin, b. Sept 1652 md Esther, dau of Joseph Judson
* Hannah b. Feb 1654, md Benjamin Lewis

JOHN CURTIS Immigrant on the "Lion" 1632. Bapt. 15 Sept 1577 Nazing, Essex, England, died 1639 Wethersfield, Ct. Listed as a freeman in 1639. He md. 19 Apr 1610 Nazing, Eng. ELIZABETH C. HUTCHINS. Elizabeth made a will dated 1658 naming children John and William and a grand daughter Mary, daughter of her son Thomas.
* William d. 21 Dec 1702 Stratford
* Thomas
* William


ANTHONY DORCHESTER was born about 1620, probably in Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England. He settled first in Hingham, Plymouth Co, MA. About 1634, then Windsor, and last Hartford, Co with the Dorchester company. He died 28 August 1683 in Springfield, Hampden Co, Ma. He married 1st SARAH ( ) about 1643, and died 9 Nov 1649. *He married 2nd on 2 Jan 1650 (Hartford Records) Martha (Chapman) Kichere or Kitcherell, widow of Samuel Kitcherell, and she had two Kitcherell children, Samuel who died in 1651, and Martha. Martha ied 17 Dec 1662, aged 32 leaving several young children. Anthony married 3rd Elizabeth, widow of John Harmon, and she had three Harmon children, John, Samuel, and Joseph. Elizabeth died 16 May 1699 aged 92
Children of 1st wife Sarah
* John b. 4 Nov 1644 md his step sister Mary Harmon
* JAMES b. 1646 Windsor, Ct. md SARAH PARSONS
* Mary b. c1648,. 7 Feb 1712, md John Harmon Jr, son of John and Elizabeth
Children by 2nd wife Martha, all b. in Springfield
* Benjamin b. 9 March 1651, d. 29 March 1676, md Sarah Burt
* Sarah b. 16 Oct 1653, d. 18 Aug 1746, md Joseph Stebbins
* Hester or Esther b. 25 Oct 1656, d. 17 Nov 1662


SGT. THOMAS FITCH immigrant to America with his parents and settled at Norwalk, Ct. He was born in 1630 in Bocking, Essex Co, England, and died 1684 Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Ct. He md. 1662 RUTH CLARK, daughter of George Clark of Milford, Ct. She was the sister of Mrs. Abigail Pierson, wife of the first rector of Yale College, and of Sarah, wife of the renowned Indian fighter, Reynold Marvin of Lyme. He was made a freeman by order of the General Court, 21 May 1657. He was in the early days a Sergeant, and later Ensign in 1665, and Captain in 1673, serving in King Philip's Indian war.
Children of Thomas and Ruth (Clark) Fitch
* SARAH b. 1663, md JOHN FORD of Milford, Ct.
* Thomas, b. 1665 Norwalk, Ct, d. 10 May 1731, would later be the father of the governor, Thomas Fitch IV. He md three times to Sarah, Rhoda, and Rachel
* Mary b. 1668, md Daniel Terrill 1658-1727, of Milford, Ct.
* Samuel b. 1681
Children of Thomas and Rebecca (Lindall) Fitch
* John b. 29 Sept 1677, md Lydia Bushnell
* Rebecca b. 15 Jan 1679-80
* Nathaniel b. 6 Nov 1682
* Mary d 13 Dec 1711 Ebenezer Gregory

CAPT. THOMAS FITCH JR , immigrant ancestor, Deputy Governor of CT, was born 24 Oct 1612 Bocking, County Essex, England, and afterwards Norwalk, Ct. He died 8 April 1704 at Norwalk, Ct. His will was dated 6 Oct 169, proved 19 May 1704 at Fairfield, Ct. 4. He md. in Bocking on 1 Nov 1632 to ANNE or ANNA STACEY, mentioned in her fathers will in 1650. The ancient Church Register of St. Mary's Church, Bocking, Essex, contains the following entry: Thomas Fyth Junior and Anne Stacie Nupti, November 1632. Thomas was one of the founders or Norwalk, Ct. Captain of CT troops. Recorder of laws and King's Commissioner. He fought in the Parliamentwry Wars in England.
* SGT. THOMAS, b. 1630, d. 1684, md RUTH CLARK.
* John b. 1633 Bocking, md 3 Dec 1674 Rebecca, dau of Deacon Henry Lindall
* Mary b. 1643, d. Christmas day 1730, md as his 2nd wife, Capt. Matthew Sherwood.
* Ann md John Thompson of Farmington, Ct.
* Sarah md John, son of John Burr of Fairfield, Ct.


WILLIAM FOWLER, immigrant ancestor, was born 1572, died 25 Jan 1660/1, aged 88, at Milford Ct. He was from Islington, London, Middlesex, England. He was a prisoner in Bridewell with other Puritans in 1592. He came to America in the company of Gov. Eaton and Rev. John Davenport arriving at Boston on 26 June 1637.
* WILLIAM md MARY TAPP * John b. England, d. 14 Sept 1676 Milford, CT. Md. Mary Hubbard
* Ambrose
* Mary md John Caffinch
* Sarah


FRANCIS FRENCH was an immigrant with his father sailing from London, Middlesex, England on 10 July 1635 on the "Defense" in 1635. He was born in 1625 in Essex Co. England, and died 14 Feb 1681, aged 66 years. He removed to Milford Ct about 1650, and was among the first settlers of Darby in 1654. Select man at Derby in 1666. He md. 10 Apr 1661 Derby, New Haven, Ct. LYDIA BUNNELL. She died 1 Apr 1708.
Children of Francis an Lydia (Bunnell) French:
* Lydia b. 21 Aug 1662, d. y.
* Elizabeth b. 20 June 1664, md a Mr Holt
* Anna / Ann b. 10 Aug 1666, md a Mr Wheeler
* Mary b. 7 Sep 1688, d. in 1688
* LYDIA b. 28 Sep 1670 , md SAMUEL BOWERS
* Samuel b. 6 Jan 1672, d. 26 Oct 1677
* Susan b. 6 June 1675
* Francis b. 11 Feb 1677, md Anna Bowers
* Hannah b. 18 Nov 1679, md 18 Nov 1679

LIEUT. WILLIAM FRENCH or FRENCHE,was an immigrant sailing from London on 10 July 1635 on the "Defense" in 1635, tailor, son of Thomas and Anne French, was born 15 March 1603 in Halstead, Essex, England. He settled first in Cambridge, Ma., and in 1652 was of Billerica, Middlesex, Ma where he died 20 Nov 1681 aged 78 . He md 1st in England, ELIZABETH GODFREY, born 1603 Canturbury, England and died 31 March 1668 at Cambridge, Ma. William married second, 29 June 1687 Mary (Lathrop) Stearns, daughter of Thomas Lathrop of Barnstable and widow of John Stearns of Billerica. She md 2nd Isaac Mixer of Watertown as his third wife. William was a Lieutenant of the militia, afterwards Captain, was chosen to sit in the Deacons seat in 1659, Comitioner to establish the county rates, one of the first selectmen in 1600 and served nine years. On a committee to examine children and servants in reading, religion and the catechism in 1651. He was the first Deputy or Representative of Billerica in the general court at Boston in 1660 taking his seat in 1663.
Children by 1st wife Elizabeth Godfrey
* FRANCIS b. 1624/5 England, d. 14 Feb 1691, md LYDIA BUNNELL
* Elizabeth b. 1629 England, md Edward Wooster [or Richard Ellis of Dedham]
* Mary / Maria b. Jan 1632/3 England md Jonathan Hides
* John b. Feb 1635 England md Abigail Coggan
* Sarah b. March 1638/9 Cambridge, Ma., md Jonathan Cheak
* Jacob b. 16 Jan 1639/40 U.S., d. 1642, md Mary Champney
* Hannah b. 12 Appr 1641, d. 20 June 1642
* Hannah b. 16 Feb 1644, md 6 Sept 1661 John Brackett
* Samuel b. 3 Dec 1645, d. 15 July 1646
Children by 2nd wife
* Mary b. 3 Apr 1670 Billerica, md 1 Robert Sharp, 2 Nathaniel Duncklee
* Sarah b. 29 Oct 1671, md Joseph Crosby 6 May 1691
* Abigail b. 14 Apr 1673, d. 13 Apr 1674
* Hannah b. 25 Jan 1676, md John Child of Watertown


Immigrant from Bristol, England
PHILLIP GALPIN, son of John and Mary ( ) Galpin, born in Somersetshire, England, died 19 November 1684/5 Rye, N.Y. Will dated March 27, 1684, page 378, Westchester County New York. Juror, and founder. He married at Stratford, Ct. 1st, after June of 1646, to ELIZABETH SMITH, who had been a servant of Mrs. Leech. He went before the court on account of some irregularity of the marriage, a common occurence in the families of Quakers and Baptists of the early days. It is presumed that he was not in strict accord with the Puritan church. He was named as a legatee in the will of Nathaniel Draper in 1647. He married 2nd Hannah Jackson, the daughter of Henry Jackson of Fairfield, whose will in 1682 called her Hannah Galpin. Hannah married 2nd Stephen Sherwood. Phillip removed to Fairfield in 1657, and to Rye, N.Y. by 1665 and was living on Manursing Island. He was one of the petitioners for the grant at Rye known as Hastings in 1662. Most of the settlers removed in 1671 from what is now called manursing Island to the mainland, but Galpin not only wished to stay but petitioned the general court at Hartford to compel his neighbors to remain also. "He felt sorely aggrieved that his neighbors left him behind," but the court decided against him and advised Galpin to go with his neighbors and "if he remain to take care of damnifying his neighbors." Galpins cove on the west side of Bling Brook creek is named for him. He died in Rye in 1685.
His will dated 27 March 1684, and proved 19 November 1684 mentions his wife, son John and his eldest
son John, and Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph, Jeremiah, Moses and daughters Sarah, and Hannah. The rest of my daughters five shillings apiece. Overseers, Thomas Lyon, Sr., and Gershom Lockwood. Probate Record: Galpin, Philip. An indenture of Bargain and Sale of House and Lands: Philip Galpin of Bristol, Somersett Co., England, Marriner, son of John Galpin of Rey, in the County of Fairfield, Colony of Connecticut; John Galpin, with free consent of his wife Mary, for a certain sum of money to them paid by Nicholas Hoppings of Rey, in the county of Westchester, Province of New York, Marriner, by indenture bearing date 5 March 1697-8, did sell to the said Nicholas Hoppings House and Lands bounded North on County Road, S-E. on the Harbour, East on John and Joseph Horton, Jr., West on Memoroneck river, late in the possession of John Galpin and Mary his Wife, with other lands, etc. Philip Galpin came into possession of part of above premises by a Deed of Gift from John Morgan of Rey, in the County of Fairfield, Husbandman, 9 October, 1670, and Quit-Claims to said Nicholas Hoppings 29 April, 1700.
Philip (X) Galpin. Ls.
Witness: Mary Jacksone
Acknowledged 10 July, 1700, before Timothy Prout. Suffolk.
Children by 1st wife Elizabeth Smith
* Stephen, was in the expedition to Albany in the war in 1690
* John d. 1706, m. Mary Morgan deeded land 1738 at Budd's Neck and White Plains (N.Y.) John deeded land in 1738 at Bud's neck and White plains.
* Samuel b. 17 July 1650 New Haven, Ct, m. 1st at Stratford, Ct. 22 March 1676/7 to Esther Thompson, dau of John, m. 2nd Elizabeth St. John, dau of Mark. Samuel was on the grand jury empaneled in 1692 at Fairfield, Ct., to try Mercy Disborough and others for witchcraft.
* Joseph b. 17 June 1652, res. of Rye, N.Y.
* BENJAMIN, d. 6 Jan 1731 at Woodbury, Ct., m. REBECCA BROWN, settled at Woodbury, Ct.
* daughter m. Richard Walter, Jr.
Children: By 2nd wife Hannah Jackson
* Moses a weaver, sold land in Rye in 1738.
* Jeremiah
* Sarah
* Deborah
* Hannah
* Daughter m. Richard Walters
* Daughter m. Robert Traver
* Daughter m. Steven Sherwood
It is uncertain who the mother of these three daughters were.
Mrs Richard Walters
, Mrs. Robert Traver
, Mrs Steven Sherwood
. Vital Records of New Haven, 1649-1850, v. pt. 1, p. 2, Samuel's birth

Immigrant from England to America.
He md. Mary.
* PHILLIP md 1st ELIZABETH SMITH, 2nd Hannah Jackson


Immigrant 1633 on the "Recovery"
JONATHAN GILLETTE SR., son of Rev. William Gillette, died 23 August 1677 at Windsor, Ct. His will was dated 8 August 1677, proved 6 September 1677. Inventory taken by Matthew Grant (Ancestor of Ulysses S. Grant). Married at St. Andrew's Church, Colyton, Devonshire, England 29 March 1634 to MARY DOLBERE, also spelled Dolbiar, daughter of Rawkey and Mary (Mitchell) Dolbere, born 7 June 1607 at Colyton, England, and died 5 January 1685 at Windsor, Ct. Name listed on the passenger list of the "Recovery" of London, 31 March 1633 from Weymouth to New England. He later returned to England to marry, and returned to New England again in June of 1634. Freeman 1635. He settled first at Dorchester, Ma., but later removed to Windsor, Ct. He gave 4s. 6d. to the fund in aid of sufferers by the Indian war at Simsbury and Springfield, and was one of the committee of distribution. Constable 1656.
Last Will and Testament:
I Jonathan Gillett Sr., of Windsor, do make this my Last Will and Testament: Imprimis: My will is that my wife shall be my sole Executrix, and my son Josiah Gillett to take the care for ye improvement of his mother's estate for her use and benefit that I shall leave her whilst she lives, which she shall have ye use and benefit that may be made of the houseing and lands of both my houselotts, my one and that which was my brother Nathan Gillett's, which are both 9 acres, also at ye upper end of ye 1st meadow, or that which is Timothy Phelps. All that remains of yt to me, I set out 3 acres to my son John. My will is that after my decease, as I have expressed, that my son Josias shall take ye care on him, to be an help and ayde to his mother in what shee needs his labor to manage her ocasions, and after her decease he shall injoy for his owne, for himselfe and his heirs forever, my now dwelling house and all the appurtenances with it, with 5 acres of house lands and all other parcels of land, as are expressed to be his mother's for her use whilst she lives, only excepting the house and 4 acres of ye houseland to it, which my sonn Jeremy shall posses for his owne after my wifes decease; ye 6 acres in ye 2nd meadow I set out to him, he is to possess for his one at present. Thirdly, my will is that if the Lord should take me and my wife both of us away by death within this 4 years after ye date hereof, my son Josiah shall pay some legacies, as to his brother Jonathan Gillett L4 and a gunn, and to his brother Cornelius Gillett L4, and to my daughter, Peter Browne's wife, L2, and to my daughter, Samuel Fyllyes wife, L2, and to ye two children which I have taken that ware my son Joseph's, Dec'd, as ye little son Jonathan L5, and ye garle L5. My son Jonathan is to have the other 20 acres of Woodland joining to ye 20 acres expressed to my wife. He is to have his 20 acres next to Thomas Barber, 10 acres of it I give him, ye other 10 he hath bought. Also Jonathan and Cornelius my sons are to have my 11 acres without ye west bounds of Windsor, betwixt them, after my decease. And my son John Gillett to have six acres of ye other parcel without ye bounds at present, and Jeremie to have the remainder of it.
Signed: Jonathan Gillett.
Witness: Nathaniel Chauncey, Matthew Grant
Court Record, p. 164, 6 September 1677:
Will exhibited.
* Jonathan b. 1634 "about half a years after coming to land" (abt. Dec.), d. 5 Sept 1708, m. 22 Apr 1661 Mary, d. of Wm. Kelsey. Ch: Mary d.y., Mary, Jonathan, William. He m. 2nd, 1676 Miriam Dibble. Ch: Thomas, Ebenezer d.s., Samuel, Hannah, Jonathan, Miriam.
* Cornelius b. 1635, m. Priscilla Kelsey. Ch: Priscilla d.s., Priscilla, Abigail, Cornelius, Mary, Esther, Sarah, Joanna, Daniel.
* Mary, twin, b. Dorchester, m. 15 July 1658 Peter Brown. Ch: 14
* Anna b. 29 Dec, d. 18 Nov 1711 Windsor, m. 1663 Samuel Filley. Ch: 11
* Joseph b. 25 July 1641, d. aged 34, killed at the Bloody Brook Indian massacre at Deerfield, Ma., m. 1664 Elizabeth Hawkes, d. of John Hawkes. Ch: Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, Jonathan, John, Nathaniel, Hannah.
* Samuel b. 22 Jan 1642 Windsor, d. aged 33, killed at the Turner's Falls, Mass battle with the Indians.
* John b. 4 Oct 1644, of Windsor, m. 1669 Mary Barber, d. of Thomas Barber. Ch: John, Thomas, Samuel, Nathaniel, Mary.
* Abigail b. 1646, d. 1649
* Josiah bp 15 July 1650, d. 29 Oct 1736 Colchester, Ct., m. 30 June 1676 Joanna Taintor, d. of Michael and Elizabeth (Rose) Taintor. Ch: 11
Genealogies And Biologies Of Ancient Windsor, pg 289 Descendants of Jonathan Gillette of Dorchester, Ma., and Windsor, Ct. p. 3


MATTHIAS HITCHCOCK was an immigrant in 1635 on the Ship "Susan & Ellen" to Boston. He was born in England. (actually I have found 3 different dates of birth from varying sources. 5 July 1609/ 1610/1614). He died 16 Nov 1669 New Haven, New Haven Co., Ct. Will dated Nov 1669. He md. ELIZABETH NICHOLS.
* Eliakim
* Nathaniel
* Elizabeth b. 4 June 1651.


BARNABUS HORTON, born 13 July 1600 Leistershire, England, died 13 May 1680 aged 80 at Southold, Suffolk Co., New York. Buried Southold cemetery. Barnabus was the son of Joseph & Mary [Schuyler] Horton. He married 1st Anne Smith, and 2nd MARY LANGTON who died after 1680. Barnabus Hortons will was dated 10 May 1680 and probated 18 Nov 1681 naming his wife Mary and children.
From “The Horton’s In America” by Adaline Horton White, 1929, pg 1
Barnabus Horton, born in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England (old style). In 1622 he married Anne Smith of Stanion of Northamptonshire, England. She died, and he married Mary Langton. He emigrated to America in the ship “Swallow”, Captain Jeremy Horton, master and owner, in 1635 to 1638, landed at Hampton, Mass., where he owned a plot of ground. He came to New Haven, 1640, with his wife, Mary, and two children, Joseph and Benjamin. He settled permanently on the east end of Long Island, now Southold, Suffolk County, N.Y., in October, 1640. [Names children.] From: Southern New York Volume II, Page 418
Barnabas Horton was born July 13, 1600, in Mowsley, Lincolnshire, England, died July 13, 1680, in Southold, Long Island. He came to America in the ship "Swallow" owned and commanded by Jeremy Horton, between 1635 and 1638. He was a landholder at Hampton, Massachusetts (now New Hampshire), where his house lot was granted in June, 1640. In the following year he was in Ipswich, Massachusetts, where he sold six acres of land, march 12, 1641. He was subsequently at new Haven, Connecticut, with his wife, Mary, and sons, Joseph and Benjamin. He appears as one of the organizers of a church in New Haven, Octobers 31, 1740, and was deputy to the general court of Connecticut several times between 1654 and 1661. He was constable at Southold in 1656, and 1659, and collector of customs 1658-59. He appears as a freeman at Southold, October 9, 1662, and was commissioner for that town in 1663-64. The records shoe that he had property at Southold in 1651, and he was made a member of a committee at New Haven to buy lands of the Indians at the east end of Long Island, December 7, 1665. He brought with him from England a bible, printed in 1597, which is preserved by his descendants, and also the musket he used. He built the first frame house on Long Island, and this was still standing in 1875, the sides still covered with the original shingles. He is described as a pious man, an advocate of civil and religious freedom. His homestead at Southold remained in the hands of his descendants until 1873, when its last owner, Jonathan G. Horton, willed it to an adopted daughter, having no children of his own. In a table of Long Island rates made in 1675 he was assessed for thirty-seven acres of land at £37; nine oxen, £54; four three-year old cattle, £16; four two-year-olds, £10; four yearlings, £6; sixty-nine sheep, £23; six horses, £72; one colt, £3; eight swine, £8. His children were 1. Benjamin, 2 .Caleb, 3. Joshua, 4. Jonathan, 5. Hannah, 6. Sarah, 7. Mary, 8. Mercy and 9. Abigail. Children of Barnabus & Anne Smith Horton
* Joseph b. 1625, md. Jane Budd, dau of John Budd
* Benjamin b. 1627, md. Anna Budd, dau of John Budd
Children of Barnabus & Mary Langton Horton
* Caleb b. 1640 md. Abigail Hallock
* Joshua b. 1643 md. Mary Tuthill
* Hannah md. Barnabus Terrill
* Sarah md. Joseph Conklin
* Mary md. Joseph Budd, son of John Budd
* Mercy md. Christopher Youngs
* Abigail md. Charles Booth


SAMUEL HOTCHKISS was an immigrant on board the ship "Hector" with the Davenport Colony. He was one of the founders of New Haven, Ct. in 1638. Samuel was born in 1623 in Essex, England and died 28 Dec 1663 at New Haven, Ct. He had a brother John of Guilford, Ct. He md. 7 Sept 1642 at New Haven, Ct. to ELIZABETH CLEAVERLY who died in 1681 at New Haven, Ct.
* JOHN b. 1643 remained at New Haven and md 4 Dec 1672 ELIZABETH PECK, dau of Henry Peck. His son Capt John md Mary Chatterton.
* Samuel b. 1645, d. 1705 md SarahTallmage in 1678, settled East Haven
* Sarah
* James b. 1647 and d. prob without issue
* Ens. Joshua b. 16 Sept 1651, md Mary Pardee, lived at New Haven
* Sgt. Thomas b. Dec 1654 md Sarah Wilmot
* Sgt. Daniel b. 8 June 1657, d. 1712 md Esther Sperry 20 June 1683



DR. JOHN KENNEDY, immigrant from Ireland, born before 1667 Aryshire, Scotland, Ulster Scott. Ireland, Ulster Scot, d. Augusta Dist., Va. He md 1st name unknown, md 2nd married Elizabeth Owen
Children by 1st wife
* Francis moved to southen Ky, killed by the Indians
* Daniel
Children by 2nd wife Elizabeth Owen * THOMAS b. 26 Jan 1744, d. 9 Dec 1817 Paris Bourbon Co Ky, md 1st NANCY ANN LOCKER, 2nd Rachel Cooke
* James Price b. c1746 Frederick Co Md
* Joseph b. c1748 Frederick Co Md
* Butler b. c1750 Frederick Co Md
* Hugh b. c1752 Frederick Co Md
* Elizabeth b. c1754 Frederick Co Md.
* John b. 16 Oct 1742, d. 26 June 1781 Guilford court house, md Esther Stills


JESSE LAMBERT was born about 1658 in England. He died 4 Dec 1718 at Milford, Ct. He was a British Navy officer. He immigrated in 1680 from England to Boston and in a few days went to Milford, Ct. He md. 10 May 1683 to DEBORAH FOWLER. He md. 2nd Joanna. Children by 1st wife Deborah Fowler
* Rachel b. 1684, d. 1755, md 30 Dec 1703 Samuel Smith
* Martha b. 14 Oct 1686, d. 28 Oct 1703 unmarried
* Richard b. 1688, living in 1707
* Sarah b. 1690, md John Dunning
* JESSE b. 1693 b. 20 Apr 1693 md MARY GILLETT
* Deborah b. 1695, died unmarried
* Elizabeth b. 1697, md Joseph Birchard
* David. b. 5 June 1700


Two Lathrop connections, Abigail and Martha connecting with John and Margaret (Wade) Lathrop I go through Rev John Lathrop twice through his son Samuel, and daughter Abigail

REV. JOHN LATHROP, the immigrant to America in 1634, was baptised on 20 Dec 1584 at Elton, East Riding, Yorkshire, England. He died 8 Nov 1653 at Barnstable, Mass. He was the pastor of the First Congregational Church in London and later was the pastor of the church at Scituate, Ma., and then Barnstable. He md 1st in Eastwell, County Kent, England HARRIET OR HANNAH HOWES, the marriage license was issued 10 Oct 1610 in Canterbury, Co Kent, Eng. He md. 2nd 27 Feb 1636/7 Mrs. Ann ( ) Hammond. He was a minister in Egerton, Kent, England, and removed to London in 1624, and became the first pastor of the first Independent Congregational Church of England. On the 22nd of April 1632 he with other members of his church were arrested and imprisoned in the Old Clink Prison at Newgate for practicing the teachings of the New Testament. They were released two years on the condition they leave the country. In 1634 he with his family and several other of his parishoners sailed for America on the "Griffin" to Boston. He established a church at Scituate, Ma., was admitted freeman of Plymough Colony in 1636/7, and two years later settled at Barnstable, Ma. He md 2nd, name unknown, 6 ch..
Children of Rev John Lathrop by his 1st wife Harriet Howes [10 Oct 1610] had 16 Ch.
* Jane bp 29 Sept 1614 md Samuel Fuller
* Anne bp 12 May 1616, buried 30 Apr 1617
* John bp 22 Feb 1617/18, d. y.
* Barbara bp 31 Oct 1619, md 19 July 1638 John Emerson
* Thomas b. c1621, aged about 80 years old 4 Apr 1701, md 11 Dec 1639 widow Sarah(Larnett) Ewer, dau of William Larned and widow of Thomas Ewer.
* Elizabeth Ewer, a step dau, bp 9 Apr 1641, md Thomas Blossom 18 June 1645
* SAMUEL b. 1620 in Eng, d. 19 Feb 1701 New London, Ct. He md. 28 Nov 1644 ELIZABETH SCUDDER.
* Joseph b. 1624 England, md Mary Ansell
* Benjamin b. Eng, md Martha
* Barnabus bp Scituate, Ma. 6 June 1636, md. 1 Dec 1658 Susanna Clark, d. 28 Sep 1697 aged 55, dau of Thomas and *Susanna (Ring) Clarke of Plymouth, and gr dau of Thomas Clarke, the mate on the Mayflower.
Children of Rev John Lathrop by 2nd wife Mrs. Ann ( ) Hammond md. 2nd 27 Feb 1636/7 2 infants died
* Child b. & d. 30 July 1638
* Bathshua bp 27 Feb 1641, md Alexander Marsh.
* John b. 9 Feb 1644, md Mary, poss dau of James & Mary (Tilson) Cobb
* Son, b. & d. 25 Jan 1649
* Sarah
* Benjamin
* Hopestill

SAMUEL LATHROP, imigrated with his father in 1634 to America, Judge, was born in 1620 in England and he died 19 Feb 1701 at New London, Ct. He md. 28 Nov 1644 in Barnstable, Ma. To ELIZABETH SCUDDER, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth ( ) Scudder.. He md. 2nd in 1690 Abigail Doane, b. 29 Jan 1632, dau of Deacon John Doane of Plymouth. She lived to be 100 years old. He aided in the defense against the Narragansetts. His will is dated 24 Feb 1699/1700.
Children by 1st wife Elizabeth Scudder
* John b. 14 Dec 1646, md Ruth Royce
* Elizabeth md 15 Dec 1669 Isaac Royce
* Samuel b. March 1650, md Nov 1675 Hannah Adgate, b. 1653
* Sarah b. Oct 1655, md. Nathaniel Royce
* MARTHA b. Jan 1657 md JOHN MOSS JR
* Israel b. Oct 1659, md 8 Apr 1886 Rebecca Bliss, d. 28 March 1733
* Joseph b. Oct 1661, md 1st Mary Scudder, md 2nd Elizabeth Waterhouse, md 3rd Mrs Martha Perkins
* Abigail b. Aug 1667, md John Huntington
* Anne b. Aug 1667, d. 19 Nov 1745, md William Hough


RALPH LINES SR. immigrant from England to America, was born in 1599 and died 7 Sep 1689 in New Haven, Ct. (New Haven probate, v. II, p. 17). He md ALIS. His will dated December 4, 1687. Inventory of over 242 Pounds. He mentions sons Samuel, Ralph, Joseph, Benjamin, and wife Alis, and daughter Hannah. A codicil dated 1 Feb 1689 says that as his life has been prolonged and his daughter Hannah since die, he leaves her portion to his wife Alice. An additional codicil, made during his last sickness, states as his son Benjamin has since die, but his widow being with child, to tht child, if it lives, he bequeaths its fathers portion. He also speakes of a deceased daugher Merriman. He was the son of JOHN LYNE of Badby, Northhamptonshire, England. Ralph lived in New Haven Ct, later designated as the parish of Amity, and now the town of Woodbridge. Married Alice ( - ). Ralph had a brother Henry.
Children of Ralph Lines
* Samuel b. Apr 1649
* Ralph b. 18 Jul 1652
* John b. Now 1655, prob. d. young
* Joseph b. Jan 1658
* Benjamin b. Dec 1659, d. 26 July 1689
* Hannah b. 21 Nov 1665, md 28 Mar 1682 Capt. John Merriman of Wallingford


CAPTAIN NATHANIEL MERRIMAN,. Immigrant from London, Middlesex, England aboard the "Whale" in 1632 to Boston. He was born 2 June 1613 in England and died 13 Feb 1693/4 at the age of 80 at Wallingford, Ct. He md. in 1649 JOAN who was born about 1628 and died 8 Dec 1709 at the age of 81 at Wallingford, Ct. Nathanial served in the Pequot War. He was a signer of the "Fundamental Agreement". King Phillips War. Signed the "Plantation Covenant" in 1639.
* Nathaniel d. s. p. 19 Dec 1675. Was in King Phillips War
* John d. 26 Sept 1651,
* Hannah b. 15 May 1653, md John Ives
* ABIGAIL b. 18 Apr 1654 md 18 Jan 1670 JOHN HITCHCOCK
* Mamre b. 12 July 1657, md Samuel Munson
* Mary b. 12 July 1657, bp 27 June 1661, md Thomas Curtis
* John b. 28 Feb 1659, bp 27 June 1661, d. 1741, md Hannah Lines, dau of Ralph & Alice md 2nd Elizabeth Peck, dau of John & Mary Moss Peck
* Samuel b. 29 Sept 1662, d, 25 /seot 1694,
* Caleb b. 16 May 1665
* Moses 1667
* 2 sons b. & d. 1667
* Elizabeth b. 14 Sept 1669, d. 2 Feb 1749 md 1Dec 1685 Ebenezer Lewis, md 2nd Wm Frederick


Note: Thomas Minor is also an ancestor of President Ulyssis Simpson Grant.

THOMAS MINOR, son of Clement and Sarah (Pope) Minor, was an immigrant on the ship "Arbella" in 1630. He was born 23 April 1608 Chew Magna, Sumerset Co., England, and died 23 Oct 1690 aged 83 at Stonington, Ct. He md. 23 Apr 1634 Rehoboth, Ma. GRACE PALMER. Children of Thomas & Grace (Palmer) Minor
* Thomas
* Clement
* Dea. Manassah md 1st Mrs Lydia Moore 26 Sep 1670. She d. 12 Aug 1678 aged 28, he md 2nd Frances West in 1681 and she d. in 1720 aged 70. He d. 22 Aug 1728 at Stonington, Ct. Children Elnathan, Samuel, Hannah
* Ephraim
* Judah
* Joseph
* Judah
* Mannasseh
* Samuel
* Ann
* Maria
* Eunice
* Elizabeth
* Hannah


CPL. JOHN MOSS the immigrant ancestor was born in England in 1604 and died the 31st of March 1707 at the age of 100 at Wallingford, Ct. He was one of the earliest settlers of New Haven Colony. He signed with the Planters' Associates on 4 June 1639, and again in 1648, 1649, and 1664, He was chosen corporal 6 August 1642. At age 67 he was oe of the incorporators of the town of Wallingford, and in May of 1678 he was elected commissioner and served mny years. He md. ABIGAIL CHARLES. Abigail had a brother John Charles. Cpl. John Moss was an immigrant from England to Connecticut, the ancestor of all who bear the name in these parts, and was one of the earliest settlers of New Haven colony. He signed the original compact in New Haven in 1639.
* John bp 11 January 1639, died young;
* Samuel b. 4 April, 1641
* Abigail b. 10 April 1642
* Rev. Joseph b. 6 Nov 1643
* Ephraim b. 6 November 1645
* Mary b. 11 April 1647
* Mercy (son), bp 1 April 1649
* JOHN b. 12 October 1650, d. 31 March 1717, md. MARTHA LATHROP
* Elizabeth, b. 12 October 1652
* Hester b. 16 June 1654
* Isaac b. 1 July 1658.


THOMAS MUNSON, the immigrant, was born in Feb and baptised 13 Sept in 1612 at Rattlesden, Suffolk Co., England. He died 7 March 1685 at the age of 73 at New Haven, Ct. He md. JOANNA who died 13 Dec 1678 at the age of 68 at New Haven. He first appears in Hartford where he served in the Pequot war in 1637. From that time he has a long and honorable record for civil and military service in the colonies of Hartford and New Haven. As a reward for his services in the Pequot war. he with, other soldiers was allotted a large tract of land from the Soldiers' Field v.hich had been set aside by the town for that purpose. This grant, which was one hundred acres was not confirmed by the general court until May 13, 1673. His house-lot, comprising two and one half acres, stood on the east side of the present High street, opposite the head of Walnut. There was a house on this ground in February 1641, which he had doubtless built himself. Previous to this date he had sold the place, and is mentioned in the records as having his allotment in the Soldiers' Field and as forfeiting other land on the east and west sides of the Connecticut river by removal. Before February, 1640, he had removed with other settlers to the neighboring settlement of Quinnipiac. June 4, 1639. "A Fundamental Agreement" was signed by Sixty-three persons who had invested in the common property of the new town, providing that church members only should be free burgesses and have the elective franchise. Thomas Munson, as a prospective planter, was the sixth to sign the Agreement. April 3, 1640, his name appeared on the records at a "Court'" held on that date. June 11th of the same year, he was made freeman. He was chosen sergeant of the train band, and in 1644 took the oath of fidelity.
* Elizabeth
* SAMUEL bp 7 Aug 1643 md 26 Oct 166 MARTHA BRADLEY
* Hannah bp 11 June 1649


FRANCIS NICHOLS of Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England, son of John Nichols. He was among the first planters at Stratford, Ct by 1639. He was the first military officer there. He died in 1650 and the inventory of his estate was on the Stratford reords in 1655. He married 1st Frances (Winmarke?), and md 2nd ANNE WINES or WYNES, dau of Barnabus of Long Island, N.Y. Anne md 2nd John Elton.
Children of Francis and Frances [Winmarke] Nichols
* Isaac b. 1625 England, d. 1695 Stratford, Ct., md Margaret
* Caleb
* John
* dau md Richard Mills
Children of Francis an Anne (Wynes) Nichols
* Anne mentioned in gr father Wynes will, md Christopher Goings Jr.


JOHN OGDEN, son of Thomas and Elizabeth [Samford] Ogden, was born 3 Sep 1600 Bradley Plains, Hampshire Co., England, and died before 7 Aug 1782 at Fairfield, Fairfield Co., Ct. at about 81 years old. He married 4 May 1627 ANN RICHARDSON, dau of Joseph Richardson. John and his wife Ann were in the London, Middlesex, England area of England before sailing to America in 1635.


WALTER PALMER, the immigrant, was born 1585, of Nottingham, Eng. He died 10 Nov 1661/2 Suffolk Co., Mass. Cutter gives he died in Stonington, Ct. 19 Nov 1661. His will was dated May 19, 1658, and proved May 11, 1662. He md. 1st in England to ANN DENNISON who d. bef 1628/9 in Eng. He md. 2nd Rebecca Short who d. in 1671 He md. 3rd Esther. The first authentic records of him in New England are in Charlestown, Ma., when he and Abraham Palmer were admitted freemen. May 14, 1634. He owned considerable real estate, and received land in the first division in 1637 and again in the division of 1643. He was among those who met to prepare for the new settlement at Seacuncke, afterward Rehoboth, Ma., and in 1653 removed to what is now Stonington, Connecticut. He bought land from Governor Haynes on the east bank of the Wequetequoc river. His whole tract of land contained about twelve hundred acres.
Children by 1st wife Ann Dennison
GRACE b. 1612/14, md THOMAS MINOR and had 10 ch.
* John
* William removed to Killingworth, Ct.
* Jonas md 1st Elizabeth Griswold, 2nd Mrs Abigail Titus
* Elizabeth md 1 Thomas Sloan, 2 Thomas Chapman
Children by 2nd wife Rebecca Short
* Hannah b. 16 June 1634, md 1 Thomas Hewitt, 2 Roger Sterry, 3 John Fish
* Elihu b. 24 Jan 1636, d. age 29 yrs
* Nehemiah b. 27 Nov 1637, deputy 15 sessions, md Hannah Stanton
* Moses b. 6 Apr 1640, founder of 1st Church of Stonington, md Dorothy Gilbert
* Capt. Benjamin b. 30 May 1642 md 10 Aug 1681 but name not known
* Gershom bp at Charlston, Ma, md 1 Stonington 28 Nov 1667 Ann, dau of Capt and Ann (Borodel) Denison
* Rebecca md 1 Elisha Cheseborough, 2 John Baldwin


DEACON BENJAMIN PARSONS, b. at Beaminster, Dorsetshire, England, bp 1 May 1625, son of Hugh and Elizabeth (Bagshaw) Tompkins Parsons. He married Sarah Vore.
Benjamin and Sarah had 10 Children
* Sarah, Born 18 Aug.1656, Died 27 June 1740 in Springfield Mass. Married James Dorchester on 1 Mar 1676.
* Lt. Benjamin Jr., Born 15 Sept. 1658, Died 29 Dec 1728. Born in Springfield Mass and Died at Enfield CT. Married Sarah Keep on 17 Jan 1683. Children (3rd Generation): John, Benjamin (III), Christopher, Sarah
* Mary (A), 10 Dec 1660 to 27 Jan 1662
* Abigail, Born, 6 Jan 1662, Died Aft 1686. Married (1) John Munn, 23 Dec 1680. Married (2) John Richards, 7 Oct 1686.
* Samuel Born 1 Oct 1666 at Springfield Mass, Died 17 Feb 1735 at Enfield CT. Married Hannah Hitchcock, Born 10 Sept 1668 on 18 March 1687 at Springfield Mass. Children (See third generation)
* Ebenezer (Deacon), Born 17 Nov 1668 Died 23 Sept 1752 at Springfield Mass. Married Margaret Marshfield on 10 Apr 1690 at Springfield Mass. Children (3rd Gen.): Ebenezer, Margaret, Jonathan(a), Benjamin, Caleb, Sarah, Jonathan * Abigail. Moses (Rev), Solomon, David, Nathan.
* Mary (B), Born 17 Dec 1670 at Springfield , Died 3 Nov 1758 at Hartford CT. Married Thomas Richards on 1 Oct 1691 At Hartford CT. They had 7 children.
* Hezekiah, Born 24 Nov 1673 at Springfield Mass, Died 18 March 1756 at Windsor CT. Married Hanah Cooley on 20 Feb 1700 at Springfield Mass.
* Joseph, Born Dec 1675 At Springfield Mass, Died 21 Oct 1733 at Springfield Mass. Married Abigail Phelpsin 1697 at North Hampton Mass.


Immigrant listed on Cushings passenger list -NEHGR v. 15, #1, Jan 1861, p. 26
JOSEPH PECK of Hingham, Norfolk Co, England. His name appears on a passenger list next to his father in 1638 with a group of passengers from Hingham area bound for America with his wife with 3 sons and a daughter and 2 men servants and 3 maid servants from old Hingham to settle in new Hingham. He settled first at New Haven, Ct. His name appears on the colonial records in 1643. He was the son of Robert and Anne Peck, and a brother to Henry Peck. Joined the church at Milford in 1652. He was born 22 April 1610 England and died 26 Feb 1700/1 Milford, Ct. He md. 1st on 12 Sept 1650 at Milford to ALICE (HEATH) BURWELL, the widow of John Burwell. Alice died 19 Dec 1666 at Milford. Joseph md. 2nd Mary Richards, dau of Thomas of Waterbury, Ct. His house was near Captain Cornelius B. Peck, a descendant. He deeded land to his son Joseph, and left legacies to his son in law, Thomas Hayes, and to Mary, wife of William Northrop, and to his daughter Anna.
Children by 1st wife Alice (Heath) Burwell
* Elizabeth, bp 1651, md Sergeant Thomas Hayes
* JOSEPH b. 1653, md MARY CAMP
* Mary bp April 20, 1670, md William Northrop
* Ann bp 1672
* Hannah
* John
Children by 2nd wife Mary Richards
* Mary
* Anna

Immigrant listed on Cushings pass list -NEHGR v. 15, #1, Jan 1861, p. 26
ROBERT PECK of Hingham, County Norfolk, England. Preacher of the gospel in the town of Hingham, in the County of Norfolk, in old England, with his wife and 2 children and 2 servnts came over the sea, and settled in this Town of Hingham, and he was teacher of the church. He married ANNE
* Joseph b. 22 Apr 1610, md ALICE (HEATH) BURWELL, 2nd Mary Richards
* Henry b. bet 1615 – 1620 md Joanna Allen


HENRY PECK, immigrant from England in the "Hector" in 1637. He was the son of Robert and Anne Peck, and a brother to Joseph Peck He signed the fundamental agreement of the settlers of New Haven, and took an active interest in the management and affairs of the settlement. Henry was born between 1615 and 1620, and died 30 Oct 1651. His will was dated the 30th of 8th month 1651. He md. in 1638 JOAN/JOANNA ALLEN.
Children, born in New Haven
* Eleazer bp 13 March 1643
* Joseph bp 5 Sep 1647
* Benjamin bp 5 Sept 1647
Vital Records of New Haven, 1649-1850, v. pt. 1, p. 1 Elizabeth's birth


WILLIAM PRESTON, son of Adam and Isabel (Braithwaite) Preston, baptized 28 January 1590/1 Giggleswick, Yorkshire County [or Chesham Co], England, died 1647 New Haven, New Haven Co., Ct. He married 1st in England 11 October 1613 Cheshum, Bucks Co., to Elizabeth Sale(s), baptized 8 June 1590, buried 22 February 1633/4. Shortly before coming to America he married 2nd in 1635 to MARY SEABROOK, born about 1600/1 in York, Yorkshire, England, the daughter of Robert & Alice (Goodspeed) Seabrook. She died after 1680 at Stratford, Fairfield Co, CT. Mary married 2nd 1659 to Thomas Kimberly and moved from New Haven to Stratford, Ct.
Children of 1st wife Elizabeth Sales Preston
* William bp 5 Oct 1614 Chesham, bur. 4 June 1633 Chesham
* John b. abt 1617, bur. 18 Nov 1623 Chesham
* Edward bp 14 Nov 1619 Chesham, d. 1699, res. of New Haven and Boston, m. Margaret Hurst, "wife of Edward". Ch: William, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail, Samuel.
* Daniel bp 3 Mar 1621 Chesham, d. 10 Nov 1707 Dorchester, Ma., m. Mary.
* Elizabeth bp 18 Jan 1623 Chesham, d. 29 Aug 1693 aged 68 at New Haven, m. Joseph Alsop.
* Sarah bp 18 July 1626 Chesham, m. William Meeker.
* Mary bp 13 Dec 1629 Chesham, m. Peter Mallory
* John bp 4 Mar 1632 Chesham, res. Mass.
Children: of 2nd wife Mary Seabrook all born New Haven Ct.
* Jehiel bp 14 June 1640 New Haven, d. 1684, m. 1st Sarah Fairchild, d. of Thomas and (Seabrook) Fairchild. Ch: Samuel, Joseph. He m. 2nd Temperance Nichols, d. of Isaac and Margery Nichols. Ch: Mary. She m. 2nd Samuel Hubbell 17 Apr 1688.
* Hackaliah twin bp 9 Apr 1643 New Haven, d. 20 Nov 1692, m. 20 Apr 1676 Stratford to Emma Fairchild, d. of Thomas and (Seabrook) Fairchild.
* ELIASAPH twin b. 9 Apr 1643 m. 1st Mary Willcoxson, 2nd ELIZABETH BEACH
* Joseph bp 1659


[sometimes aka Prigiotte]

Roger Prichard, the immigrant from England to America between 1636 and 1640. He was among the early settlers at Wethersfield, Ct. in 1640, owned land there in 1642-3, and removed in 1643 to Springfield, Ma., where he was made a freeman of Mass. Bay 13 April 1648. By 18 Dec 1653 he was living in Milford, Ct He was admitted a freeman in April 1648. He was born abt 1600, and died 26 Jan 1670/71 at Milford, Ct. He md. in England Frances, who died 9 Mar 1651 Springfield, Ma. He md. 2nd, 18 Dec 1653 at Milford, Ct., Elizabeth (Prudden) Slough, dau of James Prudden, and widow of William Slow/Slough.
Children by 1st wife
* ALICE b. 18 Feb 1645, d. 1671, md WILLIAM BRADLEY
* Joan b. 1 Sept 1647, md John Lumbard
* Nathaniel d. 11 Nov 1710 New Haven, Ct., md 1st Hannah Langton, 2nd Hannah (Hull) Davis, wid of Samuel Davis of Northampton.
Children of 2nd wife
* Joseph age 19 in 1710, d. 1676 in King Phillip's War.
* Benjamin b. 31 Jan 1657 Milford, Ct, d. 9 Apr 1743 Milford, md 14 Nov 1683 Rebecca Jones


John Reeve was born 1616 in England. He was of Gosfield, Essex Co., Eng. He was an immigrant at the age of 19 in 1635 on board the "Christian". He was at Windsor, Ct. in 1636 and Salem, Ma. in 1643. He md Mary Brock, dau of William and Margery (Bedell) Brock.
* Anna


THOMAS SCUDDER SR. of Darenthe, Kent Co., England was an immigrant on board the ship "James" in 1635. He was born in 1590 and died in 1657/8 in Mass. He md. ELIZABETH SOMERS OR LOWERS. Elizabeth and her sons Thomas, Henry, William and John Scudder was named in her brother John Lowers or Somers will on 8 June 1645.
Thomas Scudders will:
"By the will of God Amen, I Thomas Scudder inhabitant of Salem in New England, being sick, & weake in bodye, but of perfect strength of memorye, & vnderstandinge, doe appoint, ordeeine, & make this my last will & testament. I doe therefore by these presents appoint, & give vnto my well beloved wiffe Elizabeth Scudder, dureinge her life, all my wordly goodes, & estate whatsoever of houses, landes, Cattle, & all moveable goodes, & vsentles of what kind soever, & all personall estate whatsoever & I doe allso ordeine, & make, & appoint her my said Wiffe, my full, & sole Execatrixe after my death onely my desire is that after her death, what shee shall leave, of any of my foresaid personall estate, it shalbe devided amongst my Children, John Scudder, & Thomas Scudder & Henry Scudder, & Elizabeth Barthelmew, and Thomas Scudder my Grandchilde, the sonne of my sonne William Scudder desesed, & my mynde & will is, that all such estate, as my said wiffe Elizabeth Scudder shall leave after her death shallbe valewed, & equally devided to my said Children, & Grandchild, & my said Grandchild to have as much as any one of them. Neverthelesse, one Cowe, which I formerlye gave my said wiffe, I doe in noe wise dispose of, butt leaue itt wholly to my said wiffe to dispose of itt, as shee shall thinke good. And that this is my last Will, & testament I have herevnto sett my hand, and seale, this thirtyeth daye of September, one thousand sixe hundred fiftye & seaven:"
his mark
Thomas C Scudder
Witness: Richard Waters, Wilom Traske, Joseph F Boyse and Thomas Deutch.
Proved in Salem court June 29, 1658, by Richard Waters and Cap. William Traske. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol 4. leaf 63.
Inventory of estate of Thomas Scudder, deceased, 1657, taken by Thomas Gardner and Joseph (his X mark) Boys, and sworn to by his widow, Elizabeth (her X mark) Scudder: His house & orchyard, 20li.*; three Oxen, 13li.,; three Cowes, 9li.; foure sheepe & lambe, 7li.; two swine, 1li.; Axes & other tooles, 1li.; hempe, 5s. 4d.; two brasse panns panns & foure skillets, 1li. 2s.; two spitts, one pott hanger, fire pan, & tonges, one feather bed & bolster & two pillowes, 4li.; three sheetes, 10s.; his wearinge apparrell, 3li.; two Cushins & three Curteins, 12s.; two Chests & two boxes, 17s.; one barrell with tallowe, 17s.; Tubbe & pales, 10s.; other Lumber, 10s.; total 73li. 8s. 4d.
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 4, leaf 64.
Administration upon the estate of Tho. Scudder, which was left in the hands of his wife who lately deceased, was granted 28: 9: 1665, to Mr. Henery Bartholomew and Hillyard Veren, who were ordered to bring in an inventory, Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 152. Richard
* John named in uncle's will, of Barnstable 1640, bore arms 1643, removed to Newtown where he died c1670, had one son John
* Samuel
* Thomas named in uncle's will, lived Long Island, N.Y.
* Henry named in uncle's will, lived Long Island, N.Y.
* ELIZABETH named in uncle's will, md 1st a Bartholomew, and 2nd SAMUEL LATHROP
* Martha named in uncle's will,
* Rachel
* William named in uncle's will,


ISAAC STEARNS SR., immigrant 1630 from Nayland with Wissington, Suffolk, England, settled at Watertown. He was b. c1600 in Eng., and died 19 June 1671. He married 1622 MARY BARKER daughter of John and Margaret (Walter) Barker. Mary was baptised 6 Jan His name was on a list of freeman dated 19 Oct. 1630 Boston. He was a selectman, fence viewer, constable, surveyor of highways. He was granted 50 acres of land 25 July 1636. His will is dated 14 June 1671 and proved in Oct 1671 and he names his wife Mary, grandchildren, children of son John, son Isaac, son Samuel, daughter Mary deceased to her children Lernot, dau Srah Stone, dau Elizabeth Manning, dau Abigail Morse, and kinsman Charles Sternes.
From the New England Register v. 40. p. 272 Isaac Sterne of Watertown in N. E., late of Stoke, Nayland, Co. Suffolk, and wife Mary, daughter of John Barker of the same, appoint Thomas Gilson of Sudbury, Co. Suffolk, to collect L5 of one Munnings of Gaynes Colne, Co. Essex, due on a bond given by Munning before his marriage with Margaret Barker, mother of said Mary.
Children named in Isaac's will
* Mary bp 6 Jan 1625/6 Nayland with Wissington, md 9 July 1646 Woburn, Isaac Learned, son of William
* Anna or Hannah mp Nayland with Sissington 6 Ot 1628, md 9 July 1646 Henry Freeman, son of Samuel Freeman
* John md by 1654 Sarah Mixer, dau of Isaac Mixer
* ISAAC b. 6 Jan 1632/3 Watertown, md 28 June 1660 Cambridge, SARAH BEERS
* Sarah b. 22 Sept 1635 Watertown, md 7 June 1655 Cambridge,, Samuel Stone, son of Gregory
* Samuel b. 24 Apr 1638, md 1 Feb 1652/3 Hannah Mannin
* Elizabeth md 13 Apr 1664 Samuel Manning
* Abigail md John Morse


Edmund Tapp was born in England and he died 1 April 1653/4 at Milford, Ct. He md. 30 Jan 1613 in England to Anne. Edward settled first in Milford, then New Haven.
Children * Ann/Anna,
* Elizabeth,
* Jane


ANTHONY THOMPSON was an immigrant from England in the "Hector" in 1637. He was born in 1612 in Coventry, England. He died in September 1648 at New Haven, Ct. His will is dated 23 March 1647, and proven 27 May 1650. Anthony md. 1st MARY WELBY, and 2nd Katherine who md. 2nd 14 July 1652 to Nicholas Camp. Antony Thompson was listed as a 'freeman' at the New Haven courte. Anthony had brothers John and William who also immigrated to America. Children. by 1st wife Mary Welby
* John
* Anthony Jr. d. 29 Dec 1654
Children by 2nd wife Katherine Camp
* Hannah
* Lydia
* Ebenezer


STEPHEN VINAL was an immigrant to America in 1636. Of Scituate, Mass. A in freeman 1638/9. He had a brother John. His wife was ANNA who died 6 Oct 1664.
They had a daughter


JOHN WASHBURN born 1625 Bengeworth, Worcester, England, died 20 Aug 1658 Hempstead, Nassau Co., New York. John was the son of William and Jane [Nichols] Washburn. He married 17 June 1755 Stratford, Fairfield Co., Ct. MARY BUTLER, born 1635 Stratford, Ct., daughter of Richard and Elizabeth [Bigelow] Butler. Mary md. 2Nd Thomas Hicks. John was of Stratford, Ct., before removing to Hempstead, New York.
Children of John and Mary [Butler] Washburn
* JOHN b. 20 Nov 1657 Stratford, d. Feb 1687, md SARAH CORNELL
* William b. 1658 Stratford, Ct.

WILLIAM WASHBURN born 9 Nov 1601 Bengeworth, Worcester, England, died 30 Oct 1658 Hempstead, Queens Co., Ny. He was the son of John and Martha [Timbrell] Stevens Washburn. William married 1621 Bengeworth to JANE NICHOLS, born Bengeworth, died after 1667 New York. Jane was the daughter of Francis and Frances [Winmarke] Nichols. William settled first at Hempstead, Long Island, New York in 1645, and was of Stratford, Connecticut about 1655 with sons John and Hope, and returned about 1660 to Hempstead, Long Island, New York. William’s will was dated 29 September 1657, probated 11 June 1659.
Children of William and Jane [Nichols] Washburn
* JOHN d. 30 Oct 1658, md. MARY BUTLER
* Mary b. 1629 Bengeworth md. Richard Willits
* Martha bur. 1636
* Martha, again bp 1637 d. 17 Feb 1727, md. Edmond Titus
* Sarah b. 1626 Bengeworth, d. 1680, md. Robert Williams
* William
* Agnes b. 1624 Bengeworth, d. 1684 Suffolk Co., L.I., N.Y., md. 1644 Suffolk Co NY, Robert Jackson
* Hope md Mary, dau of Francis Stiles
* Phebe md. John Ashman
* Hester


WILLIAM WELLS, born about 1608 in England, died 13 Nov 1671, aged 63, at Southold, Long Island, Suffolk Co., N.Y. William married c1635, 1st BRIDGET ELIZABETH [BURTON?] TUTHILL, born 1616 England died c1655, widow of Henry Tuthill. Bridget and Henry Tuthill had Children John 1635-1717, and Elizabeth who md William Johnson. After the death of Bridget, William married 2nd about 1654 Mary or Marie died after 1682, that was said to be a Youngs. Mary Wells married 2nd Thomas Mapes.
Children of William and Bridget Wells
* Nathaniel 1639-1696
* Daniel.
Children of William and Mary (Youngs?) Wells:
* BETHIA b. c1653 Southold, md. Before 1689 CAPT. JONATHAN HORTON
* Abigail b. c1657, d. 19 aug 1658 Southold
* Patience b. 17 Oct 1658, d. 18 Feb 1659 Southold
* William H b. 5 May 1660, d. Oct 1696, md. Elizabeth Tuthill, b. 1661. She md. 2nd John Goldsmith
* Mary b. 1661, d. 4 Nov 1729 Southold, md. John Youngs, son of Col. John Youngs
* Joshua b. 1664, d. 2 May 1744, md. Hannah Tuthill, b. 1667, d. 1702
* Mehetabel b. 1666, d. 26 Aug 1742 Long Island, NY, md. John Tuthill, b. 1658, d. 1754
* Deborah b. 1661/2, d. 1729, md. Gershom Terry
* Anna b. 1667, d. 1695, md. John Goldsmith, b. 1655, d. 1703


THOMAS WHEELER, b. Cranefield, Bedfordshire, England. He married as early as 5 May 1613, ANNE HALSEY. He was an immigrant to America and was in Concord as early as 17 Apr 1636/7 where he was made a freeman. In 1644 he removed with the Rev John ?ones to Fairfield, settling at Pequonnock, on Uncoway Brook. His home lot was recorded there in January of 1649. His will was dated 16 Jan 1653/4, and proved 23 Aug 1654, In his will he mentions his wife Ann, his eldest son Thomas, his daughter Sarah Sherwood ad her son Thomas, grand children Mary, James, Thomas and John Bennit. Son John made executor. The widow Ann's will was dated 21 Aug 1659, and probated 20 Oct 1659.
Children all born at Cranefield, England
* Maria bp 20 Oct 1615
* Anna, called Hannah bp 20 Feb 1617. She md 1639 James Bennett
* William bp 16 March 1618
* THOMAS bp 8 Apr 1620, md JOAN BRYAN
* John bp 27 Feb 1624
* Sarah bp 10 Aug 1628, m. Thomas Sherwood


BENJAMIN WILMOT was born in 1589 in England, and died 18 Aug 1669 at the age of four score at New Haven, Ct. His will was dated 7 Aug 1669. He md. in England to ANN LADD who was born in 1592 and died 7 Oct 1668 at New Haven. He settled in New Haven, CT by 1641 in the early days of that colony when he and his son drew lot 25. He swore the oath of fidelity May 2, 1648. On May 1, 1654, "Old Goodman Willmot desired the Court that his son may be freed from training which was considered, and with reference to his own age, his wife's weakness, and their living on a farm, his Son was freed, only is to attend as other Farmers do." The son referred to was William. He was a descendant of Sir Robert Wilmot of Derby, England.
* ANN/ANNA b. 1614 England, md 1640 WILLIAM BUNNELL
* Benjamin
* William took oath of fidelity 22 May 1654, md 14 Oct 1658 Sarah Thomas, dau of John and Tabitha Thomas.


CAPT. JOSEPH YOUNGS, b. Eng., died 7 Jan 1658 Southold, Long Island, Suffolk Co., N.Y., was the son of Rev. Christopher Youngs, the Vicar, and his wife Margaret Elvin / Elivin. He is said to be one of the wealthiest men on Long Island. Capt. Joseph married 5 Feb 1632 Southold, L.I., N.Y. MARGARET WARREN, daughter of Thomas Warren. Margaret was born about 1640 at Soutwold, England and died in 1669 Southold, N.Y. Capt Joseph was the master first of the “Mary and Margaret” and later was master of the “Love”. Joseph’s family followed his brother John to salem and Southold, Long Island in 1649. In 1652 Mr Joseph Yonge of Longe Island was listed as owing money to the estate of Captain “Bozone” Allen of Suffolk Co., Mass. However Joseph died in 1657/8 as probably the richest man in Southold, L. I.
Children of Capt. Joseph & Margaret [Warren] Youngs may be others
* Joseph b. Southwold, England, Jan 23, 1633. bapt. Southwold 1633/4 Jan 23
* John the mariner b. 10 March 1635, bapt 23 March 1635 Southwold, England, married Mercy Horton
* Thomas b. Salem, Mass. bet 1637, md 1645, (1) Rebecca Mapes, (2) Elizabeth Harcurt, who died 1726
* Gideon b. Salem, Mass. about 1638
* Samuel b. Salem, Mass. about 1640, died Dec 31, 1699, at Oyster Bay


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