Compiled Service Records Of Soldiers
Who Served In The American Army During The Revolutionary War

380 First Battalion (New Castle Co.); second battalion, militia;
second regt, militia; second regt (New Castle Co.), militia A-G

381 Second regt (New Castle Co., Militia H-W, Seventh Battalion, militia.

382 Hall's regt A-Br

383 Hall's regt Bu-C

384 Hall's regt D-E

385 Hall's regt F-G

386 Hall's regt Ha-Hi

387 Hall's regt Ho-K

388 Hall's regt L-Ma

389 Hall's regt Mc-Mi

390 Hall's regt Mo-O

391 Hall's regt P-R

392 Halls regt S-T

393 Hall's regt V-Y

394 Haslet's regt; Battalion Flying Camp;

395 Capt. Latimer's independent Co.; Capt William
Peery's independent Co. Delaware;