Compiled service records of soldiers who served in the
American Army during the Revolutionary war


647 First Battalion, Independent Companies
First Regt A

648 First Regt Ba-Bl

649 First Regt Bo-By

650 First Regt Ca-Cl

651 First Regt Co-Cy

652 First Regt D

653 First Regt E-F

654 First Regt G

655 First Regt Ha-Hi

656 First Regt Ho-J

657 First Regt K-Le

658 First Regt Li-Ma

659 First Regt Mc

660 First Regt Me-My

661 First Regt N-O

662 First Regt P-Q

663 First Regt R

664 First Regt Sa-Sl

665 First Regt Sm-Sy

666 First Regt T-U

667 First Regt V

668 First Regt Wa-Wh

669 First Regt Wi-Z2

670 First Regt New York Levies 1780

671 Second Battalion, Col Wempell, Militia A-O

672 Second Battalion, Col. Wempell, Militia P-Y

673 Second Regt A

674 Second Regt Ba-Bl

675 Second Regt Bo-By

676 Second Regt Ca-Cn

677 Second Regt Co

678 Second Regt Cr-Da

679 Second Regt De-Dy

680 Second Regt E-F

681 Second Regt G

682 Second Regt Ha-Hi

683 Second Regt Ho-I

684 Second Regt Ja-K

685 Second Regt L

686 Second Regt Ma-Mc

687 Second Regt Me-My

688 Second Regt N0-O

689 Second Regt P

690Second Regt Q-R

691 Second Regt Sa-Si

692 Second Regt Sk-Sq

693 Second Regt St-To

694 Second Regt Tr-V

695 Second Regt Wa-W

696 Second Regt Wi-Z; "Second Regt, Nov 1776; Second Regt, NY Levies 1776;

697 Third Regt A-Br

698 Third Regt Bu-D

699 Third Regt E-G

700 Ha-K

701 Third Regt L-M

702 Third Regt N-Sh

703 Third Regt Si=V

704 Third Regt W-Z

705 Third Regt 1776; Third Regt, NY Levies;

706 Fourth Regt A-B

707 Fourth Regt C

708 Fourth Regt D-F

709 Fourth Regt G-H

710 Fourth Regt I-L

711 Fourth Regt M

712 Fourth Regt N-R

713 Fourth Regt S

714 Fourth Regt T-V

715 Fourth Regt W-Z

716 Fourth Regt 1776-81, Militia; Humphrey's Fourth Regt, Militia;

717 Fifth Regt A-B

718 Fifth Regt Ci

719 Fifth Regt D-F

720 Fifth Regt G-H

721 Fifth Regt I-L

722 Fifth Regt M-O

723 Fifth Regt P-R

724 Fifth Regt S

725 Fifth Regt T-V

726 Fifth Regt W-Y

727 Allison's Regt, Militia; Bellinger's Regt, Militia;

728 Benedict's Regt of Associated Exempts, Militia; Brinckerhoff's Regt, Militia A-L

729 Brinckerhoff's Regt, Militia M-Z; Budd's Regt.:

730 Campbell's Battalion, Militia; Cantine's Regt, Militia;

731 Church's Regt,; Clyde's Regt;

732 Cooper's Regt, Militia

733 Crane's Regt, Militia; Cuyler's Regt, Militia;

734 Joseph Drake's Regt, Militia; Samuel Drake's Regt;

735 DuBoy's Regt, NY Levies; Field's Regt, Dutchess Co, Militia; Fish's Regt, Militia; Fisher's Regt, Militia A-D

736 Fisher's Regt, Militia E-Y; Freer's Regt, Militia

737 Graham's Regt, Militia A-P

738 Graham's Regt, Militia Q-Y; Hamman's Regt, Militia;

739 Hardenbergh's Regt, Militia; Harper's Regt;

740 Hasbrouch's Regt., Militia A-L

741 Hasbrouch's Regt, Militia M-Y

742 Hathorn's Regt, Militia

743 Hay's Regt, Militia

744 Hopkin's Regt, Militia; Humfrey's Militia.

745 Janson's Regt, Militia A-Mc

746 Janson's Regt, Militia Me-Y

747 Klock's Regt, Militia A-K

748 Klock's Regt Militia L-Z

749 Lansing, Jr.'s Regt Militia; Livingston's Regt Militia

750 Ludington's Regt, Militia

751 McClaughry's Regt, Militia

752 McCrea's Regt, NY Levies; Albert Pawling's Regt, Militia A-J

753 Albert Pawling's Regt, Militia K-Y

754 Levi Pawling's Regt

Platt's Regt of Associated Exempts
Quackenbos' Regt Albany County, Militia
Rydd's Detachment
Philip Schuyler's Regt Militia.

756 Stephen Schuyler's Regt, Militia
Snyder's Regt, Ulster County Militia A-E

757 Snyder's Regt Ulster County Militia F-Y
Captain Strait's Detachment Militia

758 Thomas' Regt Militia

759 Jacobus Swartwout's Regt 1776; Jacobus Swartwout's Regt 1777

760 Van Alstine's Regt Albany County Militia
Van Bergen's Regt Albany County Militia
Van Brunt's Regt Militia
Van Cortlandt's Regt Militia

761 G. Vanden Bergh's Regt Albany Militia
Vanderburgh's Regt, Militia
Van Ness' Regt.

762 Van Rensselaer's Regt A-R

763 Van Rensselaer's Regt S-Y
Henry K. Van Rensselaer's Regt Albany County Militia A-K

764 Henry K. Van Rensselaer's Regt Albany County Militia L-Z
Robert Van Rensselaer's Regt Militia

765 Van Schaick's Battalion

766 Van Schoonhoven's Regt Albany County Militia

767 Van Veghten's Regt Militia

768 Van Woert's Regt Militia

769 Vrooman's Regt Albany County Militia

770 Webster's Regt Militia

771 Weissenfels' Regt New York Levies A-K

772 Weissenfels' Regt New York Levies L-W

773 Whiting's Regt Militia
Willett's Regt A-I

774 Willett's Regt

775 Williams' Regt Militia
Woodhull's Regt
Wynkoop's Regt
Yates' Regt Militia A-F

776 Yates' Regt Militia G-Y

777 Captain Baldwin's Company Rangers
Lamb's Company Artillery

778 Captain Mills' Company Guards - New York A-C

779 Captain Mills' Company Guards - New York D-M

780 New York N-Z