Compiled service records of soldiers who served in the
American Army during the Revolutionary war


787 Pennsylvania First Battalion - First Regiment A-G

788 First Regt H-N

789 First Regt O-Z
First Regt 1775
First Regt Flying Camp, Lancaster County
First Regt Flying Camp, Colonel William Montgomery

790 Second Battalion, Cumberland County Militia -
Second Regt A-B

791 Second Regt C-E

792 Second Regt F-H

793 Second Regt I-L

794 Second Regt M

795 Second Regt N-R

796 Second Regt S

797 Second Regt T-Y
Second Regt Flying Camp

798 Third Battalion, Chester County Militia
Third Battalion, Cumberland County Militia
Third Battalion, Lancaster County Militia, Third battalion, Northumberland County Militia

799 Third Regt1776

800 Third Regt A-C

801 Third Regt D-G

802 Third Regt H-L

803 Third Regt M

804 Third Regt N-R

805 Third Regt S-Z

806 Fourth Battalion, Chester County Militia
Fourth Battalion, Philadelphia County Militia
Fourth Regt A-G

807 Fourth Regt H-Z

808 Fifth Battalion - Fifth Regt

809 Fifth Regt B

810 Fifth Regt C

811 Fifth Regt D-E

812 Fifth Regt F-G

813 Fifth Regt H-I

814 Fifth Regt J-K

815 Fifth Regt L-Ma

816 Fifth Regt McA-McG

817 Fifth Regt McH-O

818 Fifth Regt P-S

819 Fifth nRegt T-Z

820 Sixth Battalion 1776
Sixth Regt A-K

821 Sixth Regt L-Z

822 Seventh Battalion, Cumberland County Militia
Seventh Regt A-F

823 Seventh Regt G-L

824 Seventh Regt M-P

825 Seventh Regt Q-Y

826 Eighth Battalion, Chester County Militia
Eighth Regt

827 Eighth Battalion, Chester County Militia
Eighth Regt

828 Ninth Regt F-L

829 Ninth Regt M-P

830 Ninth Regt R-Z

831 Tenth Regt A-K

832 Tenth Regt L-Y

833 Eleventh Regt A-M

834 Eleventh Regt N- Z
Eleventh Regt 1779-80

835 Twelfth Regt

836 Thirteenth Regt

837 Andrew's Battalion, Youk Militia -
Peirce's Regt

838 Schott's Corps -
Van Etten's Company, Nor thampton County, Volunteers

839 Troop of Philadelphia Light Horse, Pennsylvania A-H

840 Pennsylvania I-Z