Compiled service records of soldiers who served in the
American Army during the Revolutionary war


840 Rhode Island First Regt A-B

842 First Regt C

843 First Regt D-G

844 First Regt H-L:

845 First Regt M-Q

846 First Regt R-S

847 First Regt T-W

848 Second Battalion, County of Providence, Militia
Second Regiment A

849 Second Regt B

850 Second Regt C

851 Second Regt D-E

852 Second Regt F-G

853 Second Regt H

854 Second Regt I-L

855 Second Regt M-N

856 Second Regt O-Q

857 Second Regt R-Se

8658 Second Regt Sh-Sw

859 Second Regt T-V

860 Second Regt W-Y

861 First & Second Regt's Consolidated A-C

862 First & Second Regt's Consolidated D-H

863 First & Second Regt's Consolidated I-Q

864 First & Second Regt's Consolidated R-T

865 First & Second Regt's Consolidated U-Y
Twelfth Regt; Fourteenth Regt
Fifteenth Regt, Militia

966 Allen's Detachment, June-December 1783
"Babcock's Regt, Militia
Colonel Barton's Light Corps
Brown's Regt
Cook's Regt, Militia

867 Crary's Regt, State Troops A-H

868 Crary's Regt, State Troops I-Y

869 Elliott's Regt, Artillery

870 Holden's Regt
Kimball's Regt, Militia
Lipitt's Regt A-B

871 Lippitt's Regt C-Z

872 Mathewson's Regt - Potter's Regt

873 Talman's Regt
Tillinghast's Regt
Topham's Regt. State Troops A-B

874 Topham's Regt, State Troops C-H 875 Topham's Regt, State Troops I-Q

876 Topham's Regt, State Troops R-Z

877 Waterman's Regt - Trask's Company, Town of Smithfield

878 Waterman's Company - Rhode Island